Tickopur & Stammopur

Concentrates for cleaning and disinfection

Besides ultrasonic power, temperature and relevant processing time,specially balanced cleaning agents
are also necessary to achieve optimum cleaning results.
With TICKOPUR cleaning concentrates, BANDELIN offers a wide range of adequate cleaning agents.
All of the TICKOPUR cleaning agents were specially developed for ultrasonic applications.
With their cavitation-aiding properties, the cleaning concentrates support the cleaning process and
are gentle to the material at the same time. Depending on the cleaning tasks, either alkaline, neutral or
acidic cleaning agents are recommended. They are biologically degradable and easy to dispose of.



Cleaning agents

The caviation improving and material protecting features allow a maximum effect of the ultrasonic cleaning.
The usage of TICKOPUR shorts the cleaning time significantly.

Cleaning and desinfection agents

STAMMOPUR concentrates have been especially developed for ultrasonic applicationand are
marked CE according to the Medical Devices Directive.
All solutions are environmental friendly, biodegradable and easy to dispose.