In the early 1970s, Mr. Anton Jansen started selling ultrasonic equipment of the brand Sonorex in The Netherlands.
In 1987, he changed his company's legal form and A.D. Jansen Zwolle B.V. is established.

The distribution of Micro Mega products, dental endo instruments, handpieces and contra-angles, started in 1997.
At the request of its international distributor Prodonta SA, these items were added to the delivery programm of A.D. Jansen Zwolle bv.
In 2003, Micro Mega SA took over the distribution and export of its products themselves and A.D. Jansen Zwolle bv
was designated as logistics partner for the Dutch market. The Executive Board of A.D. Jansen Zwolle bv is conducted
by Djaky beheer bv since 2001 headed by its General Manager, Mr L.T.J. Gerner.

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