BANDELIN offers a broad variety of high power ultrasonic systems
for cleaning processes and chemical engineering.

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The high power ultrasonic systems are applied in many branches.

Further branches

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For laboratory and pilot plant use, we produce ultrasound homogenizers with application-oriented accessories for routine operation as well as for use in research. The ultrasound homogenizers have been successfully implemented for over 25 years, for sample preparation in sewage and soil analysis, cell disruption, emulsification, reaction acceleration or for the production of very fine emulsions. In the laboratory, high-performance ultrasonic baths are used not only for the thorough cleaning of laboratory glass but also for the effective homogenization of samples.


Our professional ultrasonic cleaners of the SONOREX TECHNIK program are used in industry and in service for effective parts cleaning. The widespread applications include the cleaning of filters, valves, injection nozzles, carburetors, rotating parts, tools, spark plugs and many more. For an optimal cleaning result, we offer a wide range of suitable cleaning products which are adapted to the type of soiling and the basic material to be cleaned.


With our ultrasonic cleaners and the appropriate disinfecting preparation, simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments is made possible. Our product range varies from compact ultrasonic baths for dental practice to automated suction rinsing devices for the reprocessing of MIC and robotics instruments in the hospital sterilization of hospitals.

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