Do not use combustible liquids in ultrasonic baths!

For all ultrasonic baths of BANDELIN is prescribed in the relevant documentation not to use any flammable, explosive and non-aqueous fluids or azeotropic mixtures directly in the stainless steel oscillating tank.

If sonication takes place indirectly in an inset beaker or an insert tub, small amounts of combustible liquids may be used under the user‘s own responsibility in compliance with national laws, guidelines and regulations in their respectively valid version.

Ultrasound heats liquids in the oscillating tank even without additional heating. Nonaqueous liquids heat up approx. 4 x faster than water. A possible flashpoint can be reached and/or exceeded after very short sonication.
With high-boiling liquids (with and without flashpoint), the bath temperature can rise to >120 °C through addition of the ultrasound energy, which can lead to irreparable damage to the ultrasonic bath.

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